Rotary Club volunteers at Midwest Food Bank


Members of the Westfield Rotary had a great day of service at the Midwest Food Bank earlier this year. (Photo provided by the Rotary Club)

The Westfield Rotary Club recently spent a day volunteering at the Midwest Food Bank. In lieu of our regular Tuesday noon meeting, we met at the food bank on the south side of Indianapolis and donated our time and labor. We volunteer several times each year. As usual, it was a very rewarding experience.

Midwest Food Bank’s mission is to gather large food donations from nationwide corporations and distribute them to social service organizations, as well as national disaster sites, at no charge. In order to accomplish that mission, they are in constant need of volunteer labor.

We arrived at about 8 a.m. After a brief orientation and overview of what we would be doing, it was off to work. We lifted, pushed, pulled, and generally strained.

There was much loading of boxes onto trucks and into vans. A representative of the food bank would lead a person from the customer social service group along a long row of pallets describing what each pallet contained and how many were available. We would follow along and lift the requested number of boxes onto a rolling cart. When that cart was full, we loaded the haul into the customer organization’s vehicle. It moved along with the precision and efficiency of a well-oiled manufacturing plant assembly line.

The neat part of the experience was the opportunity we had to work alongside our fellow Rotarians and bond with each other outside the context of our regular, weekly luncheon meetings. There’s something about shared hard labor that helps you get to know someone better.

When our shift was over, we were served lunch. It was good, homemade comfort food and it really hit the spot. The afternoon shift arrived and simply repeated what we had done in the morning, except they ate lunch before they worked.

Check out Midwest Food Bank’s Web site at They provide an easy opportunity for you or your organization to participate in a few hours of community service. And they sincerely appreciate it.