Beauty underfoot

While area rugs can be art underfoot, much is expected of this form of flooring. At the same time it provides a focal point in the room, an area rug is expected to warm the floor, create cozy conversation areas, provide a splash of color and be the unifying element that ties colors together.

The beauty of a quality area rug can last for many years with the help of proper maintenance.

● When first taken out of the packaging and unrolled, a rug may present bulges that will prevent it from laying flat. This happens when a rug is tightly rolled for shipment. The lumps should disappear in a day or two. If the problem persists, simply place a heavy flat object on top of it overnight.

● A quality rug pad will protect your floor and secure your rug in place. Rug pads not only improve the life of the rug, but they also work to prevent falls by keeping the rug in place and unwrinkled.

● Initially, there will be some shedding of the wool pile. This is a common occurrence with any wool product and does not reflect on the actual wearability of a rug.

● Rotate your rug by 180 degrees four times a year so that wear is even and fading from sunlight is minimized.

● Vacuum, vacuum and vacuum to reduce fiber wear. Vacuuming prevents dirt from being compressed deeper into the pile. The frequency of cleaning varies according to the traffic the rug receives. Caked on dirt is difficult to remove, so remove as much soil while still damp to prevent this from happening.

● Stains and spills are a fact of life. Never rub the stain, rather gently blot it. Rubbing only forces the stain to penetrate further into the rug

● If all else fails in cleaning your area rug and you are tempted to break out the chemical cleaner, consider your fiber before you even open the bottle. A wool rug will require different handling from a synthetic product or other natural fibers. Keep your manufacturer’s care information handy.