City enters interlocal agreement on 146th Street bridge

Monon Bridge design

The city of Westfield has approved its end of an interlocal agreement concerning the financing, construction and maintenance of a multi-use path for the Monon Trail over 146th Street. The agreement is between Westfield, Hamilton County, Carmel/Clay Board of Parks and Recreation and Clay Township.

The Hamilton County Highway Dept. has been the lead agency in designing and obtaining federal funding for a five-span, pre-engineered steel truss bridge to connect the Monon greenway from Carmel to Westfield over and across 146th Street. Officials said the bridge structure will span 428 feet and provide a 12-foot-wide path to provide safe crossing for users and will include heating elements.

Total construction costs are anticipated at $2.9 million. INDOT has allocated $2.5 million of federal STP funds available to pay 80 percent of the project’s cost. Westfield Parks Director Melody Jones said the remaining $585,600 will be divided among Westfield ($156,160), Clay Township ($195,200) and Hamilton County ($234,240). The county will also pay all of the costs of permitting, design and other professional expenses associated with the project.

Jones said Westfield will pay its portion from the existing construction funds for the Village Park Economic Development Area – a TIF district. The city also agrees to execute easements in the Westfield Railroad Right of Way, which are necessary for Duke and Bright House Inc. (owner and operators of light poles) to bury their new facilities to accommodate the project.

According to the agreement, the county will be responsible for all structural maintenance of the bridge. Mayor Andy Cook said the Clay Township trustee and/or the park board shall be responsible for paying the electric charges necessary to heat the bridge, maintaining the heating system and periodic removal of snow, trash and other debris from the bridge.

Officials said project construction will begin on or around June 18 and be completed by Nov. 15. Landscaping will likely have to wait until the spring of 2013.