Correcting political correctness

It is our position that political correctness should be reexamined in America.  As voters head to the polls in one of the most polarizing elections in history, semantics more than economics may very well drive how ballots are cast.  Some may think a vote against the current regime is considered racist.  Will exaggerated sound-bites regarding the issue of a woman’s right to choose sway voters without ever examining the real motives driving the topic?  Is socializing medicine the best way to provide equal access to health care for all Americans?  And, should it be equal?

According to global work environment research done by J. Michelle Sybesma of Professional Skills Consulting, Inc., political over-correctness may actually begin hurting America in the global economy because the control over office politics has stretched far beyond the initial focus of business needs.  The principle of pleasing everyone is simply not realistic.

How are we to truly understand each other’s differences if we aren’t allowed to recognize that differences do exist?  As Americans, we should not be afraid to ask questions of each other and should be encouraged to do so.  A little candor may very well be what America needs.  Go to the polls on November 5.