Decorate with cozy

Did I really just hear the furnace kick on?

This is far too early and far too soon.  It is time for some serious “warming up” and “cozying up” of  spaces!

Cozy and warm are meant in both an emotional and physical sense. A home that is so inviting that people want to put their feet up on an ottoman and stay is a truly comfortable home. A room that is armed with interlined window treatments, rich throws, and a blazing fireplace IS warmer and cozier!

Emotional comfort is experienced in a space that is the right combination of color, texture, lighting, furniture and furniture placement.

While the feeling of cozy can be quite individual, there are some elements that seem to be universal.

Clusters of furniture create a sense of togetherness, while furniture that is anchored to the walls engenders a feeling that the center of the room is just an open pit.

Physical comfort plays a definite roll in “cozy.” Furniture that does not fit the body can break the feeling of safety and comfort.  The height and size of a person and the dimensions of a chair or couch do make a difference.

Lighting has an emotional impact on the cozy factor, as well.  Dimmers are the first step to warming up a space.  Florescent and LED lighting tends to be cold so a bulb that offers warmer lighting is key.  Lighting a room with fire in a fireplace is the definition of cozy. Even if you don’t have a fireplace in your cozy space, add candlelight! The flickering of candles reflects intimacy and warmth.

Throws can’t be too thick or too plentiful.  A rich, Merino wool is all the invitation I need for a toasty evening all curled up!

Natural and rustic materials often evoke a sense of comfort, whether that means aromatic scents in the air, leather lamps or wood accessories on tabletops.

Cozy and comfortable can be as simple as having upholstered  or cushioned chairs in the dining room if you want people to linger after a meal. It can also be as simple as a chaise in a bedroom that is away from drafts, loud noises and the world.

You know that a room has achieved “cozy” when you feel the urge to sit down, slip off your shoes, curl up and let the thermometer drop!