Firework safety

It is our position that while fireworks are fun to both set off and watch, they are also explosives and can cause serious injury if not handled with the proper respect.

As the Fourth of July approaches, we will begin to see temporary signs titled “Fireworks” occupy empty shops all over the county. We urge the patronage of these shops and the use of their products. We do, however, insist on safety being taken seriously.

We understand that when it comes to fireworks, accidents happen, even when safety measures are being taken. This gives us even more reason to conduct the seemingly simple task of lighting a firework with caution and focus. Whether it is a defective fuse, misfired bottle rocket or a mortar stuck in the tube, anything can happen (especially when an adult beverage is added into the mix), as any emergency room worker can attest.

We hope that everyone has a fun and safe Independence Day. If lighting fireworks, please be sure to drink responsibly (and only if of legal age) and do not be the one in your neighborhood who has the fire department join your celebration.