Free seminar to discuss sinus issues, balloon sinuplasty

Sinusitis affects 37 million people each year, making it one of the most common health problems in the U.S. In the Midwest, as many as one in five people have complaints of chronic Sinusitis with incidents rising during peak allergy seasons of the spring and fall. Riverview Sinus Center is glad to provide some relief to patients by offering a surgical option for the treatment of Sinusitis called Balloon Sinuplasty.

Balloon Sinuplasty is a new option to traditional sinus surgery and is the first truly innovative approach to treating chronic sinusitis in the past 20 years. Balloon Sinuplasty offers many advantages over traditional techniques.

Balloon Sinuplasty is minimally invasive. It does not destroy normal tissue. It gently remodels your anatomy to help restore normal function. It does not require packing under normal situations. It has been rigorously studied in multiple peer-reviewed journals and it has been shown to be effective. Best of all many people can return to work in one to two days.

Riverview Sinus Center will offer a free seminar at 6 p.m. Oct. 16 presented by otolaryngologist Brad Bichey, MD, on the treatments available for sinusitis as well as information on whether Balloon Sinuplasty might be right for you. The event will take place in the Krieg DeVault Conference Room on the lower level of the Women’s Pavilion (entrance No. 11).

To register for this event, visit or call 770-5835.