Good to know before you go

There are a myriad of unusual and seemingly useless laws in our world.  Some make us grin and aren’t really pertinent to our lives.   But others are actually good for us to be aware of.  Below is a list of unusual laws I’ve come across in my work.  Read on for a good laugh, and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two that will keep you out of jail when you travel.

*Visitors to Thailand must have underwear on at all times.  No statutes on its cleanliness though…

*Bear wrestling is illegal in Alabama, since 2006.  I personally didn’t even know there were bears in Alabama.

*In Florida, it is illegal for single women to parachute on Sundays.  Is this discrimination?  What about single men?

*In London you can urinate anywhere in public, provided you are pregnant.  Having been pregnant three times, I sort of understand this one.

* In the same vein, one must check his watch before flushing a toilet in Switzerland; flushing after 10 p.m. in an apartment could land you in jail.

*People with a DUI or DWI are not allowed entrance into Canada (border agents have access to U.S. criminal records).  In addition, pit bulls are banned in Ontario; could it be that a drunk U.S. citizen with a mean dog did something really, really bad in Ontario years back?

*Spitting is against the law in Barcelona, Singapore, Vancouver and Dodge City, Kansas.  Why isn’t it illegal everywhere?

*It is illegal to photograph certain buildings in Vietnam.  While you may not be thrown in jail for it, you will be shunned.  Getting shunned in Vietnam sounds scary enough to me.

*In Alabama it is a crime to be blindfolded while driving a vehicle.  This one, I’m all for.  I do wonder about the story behind it though.