It is our position that those of us who are not handicapped need to be more considerate, and stop using the handicap parking spaces. While it may seem more convenient to be able to park right next to the building as opposed to walking an extra twenty yards, the inconvenience is far greater if someone who needs the spot is not able to use it.

We urge those who tend to park in these spots to stop, even if you are only away from your car for a few minutes. Not only is it immoral, but it is also illegal.

According to www.dmv.org, parking in a reserved spot without having the necessary plate or placard could cost you a fine of at least $50.00. Under Indiana Law, parking in a reserved spot without the proper credentials is a Class C misdemeanor.

Next time you or someone in your car has the urge to park in a handicap spot, please be respectful of those who need the spots, and go find another space. It may be a slight hassle to you, but your hassle will be nothing compared to what a handicapped person would experience.