Homegrown businesses

It is our position that homegrown businesses are the best. There are few things that exemplify living out the American dream more than being a small business owner. From an employee standpoint, small businesses can provide easier integration of family life and livelihood and are often more understanding of employee’s personal and professional needs. From a consumer’s point of view, small businesses offer originality, friendliness and a break from mass production. Unfortunately, the current economic conditions and impending national changes to the cost of providing health care benefits to employees seems to be squeezing the life out of small businesses.

Fortunately, organizations like the Entrepreneurship Advancement Center, whose mission is supporting innovation and entrepreneurial thinking by providing programs for high school students and supporting early stage businesses on the north side of Indianapolis, are making it easier for homegrown businesses to thrive. This year Lollies Candy Shop, a provider of specialty locally-made candies and unique gifts, was named the winner of the third annual Entrepreneurship Advancement Center’s Community Business Plan Competition. The shop will be located in downtown Fishers. For more information on the Entrepreneurship Advancement Center, visit www.goentrepreneurs.org. This holiday season, include small businesses on your shopping list.