I can’t drive 55 mph

On my way to the airport, I’m running late and I began to feel uncomfortable about the speed of my travel. Just as soon as the feeling hit me, you could see the glisten of a motorcycle helmet on the side of the interstate. Sure enough, as I approached, he flicked on his lights and made a bold gesture indicating he’d like us (driver and any passengers with him) to stop. It’s ticket time!

It was all over in a matter of minutes. No questions, no excuses, just a transaction. In case you are wondering, it was I-69. Soon, I was back on my way, only this time, the speed was 55 mph. Seconds later, people were passing on the right and left. It was crazy how slow it felt. I thought I could walk faster than the car was moving. It felt like it would be days to the airport.

Speed is a funny thing. You get so used to going a certain speed you feel uncomfortable when you slow down. You feel like you aren’t moving anymore. It’s a good comparison for life. The speed can become so rapid that slowing down feels uncomfortable. It will be interesting how long I can drive 55 mph, on the road and at the office. For now, I think I might just start with the road.