Intersection changing to 4-way stop

The intersection of 169th Street and Gray Road will change to a four-way stop in the coming weeks. (Photo by Robert Herrington)

A local intersection will soon turn from a two-way stop to a four-way stop. The Westfield City Council approved the change at the intersection of 169th Street and Gray Road after officials coordinated the change with Noblesville officials.

Police Chief Joel Rush said the department monitors crashes monthly. Aside from U.S. 31, the 168th Street-Gray Road intersection has the second most accidents and the most number of injuries, including six in the last quarter.

“This will slow people down,” explained Rush. “Most problems have been left turns.”

Because of an increase in traffic accidents at the intersection of Gray Road and 169th Street, an intersection study was performed by the Westfield Public Works Department along with input from Schneider Engineering. Upon initial visit of the site there were several areas of concern including sight line distance, stop bar placement and road geometry.

The Westfield Public Works Engineering Division recommended that the least expensive and most impactful method would be the installation of additional stop signs both northbound and southbound on Gray Road.

There are similar roads with similar speeds and volumes within the city that have four-way stops, including 161st Street and Carey Road, 161st Street and Oakridge Road, and 156th Street and Springmill Road.