It DOES compute: Give money to us!

Brian Kelly and Steve Greenberg

We have to admit we’re overly disappointed to recently have learned about the $206-million programming mistake at the state level, which shortchanged local governments.  This comes on the heels of a $320-million error back in December. While we’ve not agreed with everything Gov. Mitch Daniels has done through the years, such as his increase in our state income tax, overall, we had confidence in his fiscal stewardship of our fine state. This really cuts to the core of the governor’s fiscal “character,” if you will, and we don’t see how he lives this down. However, here’s a thought: With the discovery of all this money, we’d like to suggest something we’ve not heard discussed, and that is returning much of this money to taxpayers. Think about it. It’s your money and ours. Local governments already have made cuts, and they continue to operate just fine, as far as we can tell. So, our state’s chief executive should do the right thing and gives us all back the money rightfully ours. (Do they do direct deposit?)

* * *

And speaking of our governor, his name was mentioned at a business breakfast we attended last week. The notion of him being the Republican vice-presidential candidate was floated. We just don’t see it. He’s probably more cabinet timbre at this point … if President Barack Obama is unseated, which we also don’t see happening as of this writing. (Of course, one of us is a former gambler.) It needs to happen, and it could happen, but we don’t believe it will happen.