Keystone/96th revision: Our region needs it

With all due respect to business owners in the Keystone Parkway/96th Street area, the recent news of the state’s decision to not pursue a roundabout now will have ramifications for our region. For drivers from Zionsville on the west to Fishers on the east, and multiple points in between, the intersection has proved nothing short of a traffic-management disaster. We know of several people that go out of their way to avoid that intersection and its miserable snarl of traffic. We do hear and understand the fears of merchants in that area; they justifiably worry about what yet another round of road construction would do to their businesses. In our opinion, a roundabout would pay dividends into the future for those that drive through or to that area and the businesses that would be reached with relative ease by comparison. The project still is on the books, but the two thoroughfares will be “war zones” once U.S. 31 shuts down for its hyperfix. It’s easy to write what should happen, because our business is not situated in that area of the marketplace. That stated, we’d consider it a noble and defining act if Gov. Mitch Daniels and his team found a way to step up and let everyone have his or her cake and eat it, too. It can happen. More than that, it needs to happen. We can’t have that intersection be a wrench in the motoring-and-commerce works any longer than it has to be.

* * *

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