Life-changing objects I’ve discovered

This has been a great year for me.  Why?  Three discoveries that have quite literally changed my life. And because I am a giving person, I’ll now share them with you, my fine friends.  You’re welcome.

Sperry Topsiders Yes, they are a bit expensive ($70) and yes, they can make already big feet look gi-normous (think clown shoes), but God bless them, these shoes will change your life.  When my dogs hurt, I get cranky see, and when I get cranky, ain’t nobody happy.  But I often want something a little dressier than my black and pink Saucony’s.  Enter the Sperry Intrepid. These leather and mesh topsiders are like baby kisses for your feet, with just enough support to make criss-crossing Kings Island or hiking a shale mountain perfectly enjoyable. Plus, they’re stylish. You’ll look like you just stepped off your yacht, even in Indiana. Get them wet, leave them on a beach, accidentally run over them in your van . . . no problem! They’ll beg for more and look good doing it. Simply amazing footwear.

Wireless Headphones Admittedly, I have control issues, particularly when it comes to bedtime. I demand complete darkness, silence except for my sound machine, and a room temperature that would make polar bears shiver.  My husband Doo, as cruel Fate would have it, must watch television to fall asleep, breaking two of my carefully-constructed sleep “requirements.”  I can combat the light by wearing a mask and burrowing under two pillows but can never completely drown out the sound.  I can’t tell you how many fights this has caused. Until . . . wireless headphones! They have changed my life!  Now Doo can watch whatever he wants for however long, and I can’t hear a stinking thing.  I get to sleep and he gets to veg. It’s a win-win, and for $37, far cheaper than counseling.

The Effect of ADHD in the Marriage Another miracle available for purchase and cheaper than a shrink is this book. Even if you or your spouse does not have ADHD, it will change your life. “The Effect of ADHD” is basically an inside look at how opposite personalities can create strong relationships but can also cause tons of problems.  When my husband and I read through it this summer, we kept saying “That’s us!” or “That sounds exactly like your brother!”  You will relate to almost every scenario and situation presented, if not in your own household, in those of your friends and family.  And though the author doesn’t give answers, she offers techniques for resolving differences effectively (penny-pinching versus impulse buying) and for celebrating even the most annoying habits (watching television in bed).

Again, you’re welcome. Peace out.