Outdoor rooms: crafting a living space

Rarely is an outdoor living space as immediately livable as this one.  Most require the benefits of time to soften the stark reality of new.  Sure, new looks fantastic!  But it can be a little harsh with the brightness of freshly installed patio stone and the striking contrast of young plants surrounded by fresh mulch.

This project, however, did not require the constraint of time.  Perhaps it was the eastern exposure that hastened the glare and the overall jazzy design.  Certainly the warmth of travertine sourced from Turkey coupled with the synthetic Azek decking had a serious impact on the instantaneous feel.  Both have earthy undertones and distinct luxury textures that marry well together.  The homeowner especially appreciates the generous upper landing as it spills onto the lower patio at a 45 degree angle for improved traffic flow.  Very dramatic!

Travertine and Azek are a few of our preferred materials to work with for precisely this reason.  They age incredibly well, thrive in our mid-west harsh environment and will likely endure our lifetime while remaining relevant from a design perspective.  I’m not confident that standard, concrete brick pavers and most other decking materials will offer that luxury.

Outdoor rooms

Outdoor fire features, seat walls and pergolas contribute to the immediacy of any project and forward the outdoor room sensation that many homeowners are hungry to establish.  The stone structures benefited from the rich chocolate color of the clay paver ribbon inserted into the face of each, which was repeated into an upscale patio edge around the travertine body.  For convenience, a gas starter was installed over crisp black lava rock.

New is wonderful.  It’s fresh, stylish and is full of excitement.  Nothing, however, exceeds the benefit of a little time, seasoned with memories of grilling, impromptu gatherings and laughter.