Paranormal Activity

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  • Pat

    Vey good I have been there on an investigation and this discribes it very well

    • Grammar

      You discribe things vey good too lol learn how to spell VERY & DESCRIBE!!

  • Dan

    Graves don’t own Fox Hollow

    • synseven

      In May 2009, Graves and his wife, Vicki, purchased Fox Hollow Farm – the infamous former home of serial killer Herb Baumeister…..its seems you cant read

  • Wayne

    Then who does??

  • Rafael

    I would like to buy the fox hallow

    • Margie

      you can’t even spell it…..

  • hora

    Who clean a evil garbage are not serial killer, and what are liberals, serial killer abortion baby? Kill evil are not any crime, he was a real hero. I will like buy that house. A haunting come for evil spirit of all evil die in a hand of hero.