Plants that pleasantly survived harsh summer

Every year I like to review what worked well for me and what didn’t. This season was unprecedented regarding heat and precipitation so if something performs well, I’m unusually impressed. It’s times like these when true colors shine through.

My first award of valiance goes to my clump Serviceberry. After five years in my landscape, it received no additional water. A risk, I know, but I like to test things. It’s a native so I let it show me what it’s made of and not once did it balk at the conditions. Now, as to whether or not it will give me some fall color is a whole different Oprah.

Second, I think I’ve solidified the spot for favorite annual. Dragonwing begonia doled out the blooms all season long and yawned into a beautiful space in my container garden. Perfect green foliage accessorized with prolific bloom. I just can’t stop admiring it.

Snapdragons were amazing at the start of the season, so I must add an honorable mention there. And the happiest of all the annuals this season had to have been annual vinca. . . hands down, a heat hoarding monster with effortless pizzazz.

Perennial-wise, I’m a smidge disappointed. Even fuss free Rudbeckia sulked over the extended absence of moisture. If I had to choose one, it would probably be my false indigo. Drought. Tolerant.

That being said, I must mention that “tolerant” doesn’t mean “proof.” That goes for anything you can think of.

I’m interested to see how the readers fared as well, so, if you would, please drop me a line about what worked for you this year. We can compare notes and everyone will at least learn something from this historic drought.