President Daniels

It is our position that the appointment of Governor Mitch Daniels as the 12th president of Purdue University by its’ Board of Trustees is a natural progression toward the advancement of education in the state of Indiana. Hoosiers are fortunate to have the continued service of such a talented individual who is genuinely dedicated to the citizens of Indiana and has always believed in the value of our state universities.

While the nation would certainly have benefited as a whole if Governor Daniels had chosen to pursue a career in politics, he will no doubt have a national and likely international impact with the challenges that await him in higher education. Bringing Purdue to the forefront of research, technology and agriculture is the most visible goal. The more interesting task will be the manner in which he makes his observations and dissects university structure in tackling the “how.” How can higher education stay affordable? How can outside funding sources be capitalized? How does the value of an advanced degree compare to the investment?

These are just a few of the questions regarding higher education we are looking forward being addressed by the future president of Purdue. We wish Governor Daniels good luck, and Boiler Up!