Removing walls to open up kitchen area

ORIGINAL KITCHEN:   This home is located in the Lantern Hills subdivision in Lawrence township on the northeast side of Indianapolis.  The standard ranch style home was built in 1961 and included a separate small kitchen, living room and family room.

WHY REMODEL:   According to the owner, “I knew I wanted to remodel the kitchen and living room.  It had a dark, north-facing kitchen and I wanted to open it up to the living room so we could see the backyard.  We had a fairly crowded breakfast nook for dining, and we did not want a formal dining room.  There was room to just open it all up into a big great room.  We like ranches, and love the neighborhood, so we decided to stay put and remodel to our needs.”

BACKSPLASH DETAILS:   The owner chose a 1/4″ back-painted glass for her backsplash.  They originally chose a custom color for her backsplash, but they ended up being able to find a standard color, which reduced costs.  One key to the beauty of her backsplash was the switch plates.  They matched the glass, allowing for a seamless look on the wall..

CREATING NEW FLOOR PLAN & CEILING:   A structural engineer was hired to design the beams needed in order to remove the interior walls between the kitchen and living room.  The homeowner worked with the design team on the changes in the floor plan.  “I feel happy when I wake up each morning and come out to the great room.  We never used to use the space, and now that it is so light and bright, we are in there all the time.”  Finally, the flat living room ceiling was removed and replaced with a new painted cathedral ceiling.

FAVORITE FEATURES:   The owner commented on her favorite features.  “The Kohler manual foot faucet is one of my favorite things about the new kitchen.  It helps me keep everything sanitary while I am cooking.  I also like the quartz counter tops and the white cabinets because they help bring light into the kitchen.”