Role reversal

It is our position that a paradigm shift in the gender gap is forcing a change in attitude among men and women. Women surpass men in the U.S. workforce, college graduation rates and now, in the number of licensed drivers.

According to author, motivational speaker and radio show host Coach Michael Taylor, many men are becoming tired and frustrated with the antiquated male roles in society and it is probably for the better.

Taylor believes that despite the uncertainty and confusion some men are experiencing, these changing roles for men are actually good and can actually help eradicate some of the social issues that plague our country and lead to divorce, financial woes and depression. He is asking men to join him in his new revolution which he calls, A Conversation with Men.

How about instead of men having a conversation with one another, they have the conversation with their spouse. Does every movement need a label? Perhaps the primary breadwinner has always felt pressure when wearing the pants in the family. However, will a level playing field really create balance, or will women soon be reshaped and grow callused by the pressures of being the breadwinner? Only time will tell.