Stable change

Building anything great takes momentum and perseverance. While change is always necessary, changing in the middle of building can be the end of an idea or, at least, short-circuit success.

Let’s say you come up with a strategy or concept and then you begin building. As you are moving along, you continue to change your mind and tinker with it. With each tinker, momentum is lost. Whether you are building a house, building a cake or building a brand, each requires that you focus on execution and implementation. Ongoing change can lead to ongoing unraveling of any momentum you have.

The easiest analogy to building a brand or simply capitalizing on a great idea is the development of a house. First, you have to find the perfect lot. Second, you have to concept and design something that fits your lot and lifestyle. Third, you have to make decisions and then follow the process of building until it is all done. Changing your mind in the middle only derails things.

Some ideas take time to gain speed and be successful. All too often it’s easy to change course if success isn’t instant. And, even when success is immediate, it’s easy to fall in the trap of continuing to change in search of greater success. Funny thing about change – you can’t live with it and you can’t live without it. You can’t build with change; you can’t grow without it. It’s a fine line.

While it takes a commitment to innovate and potentially change directions, it is equally important to remember that true leadership can often require you to stay the course and give ideas the opportunity to be successful. Leaders that continually change, tinker and tweak without giving some time for execution and implementation will never see ideas realize their full potential.