Super-size government

It is our position that dictating what Americans eat and drink should not be within the realm of government. Apparently, the ongoing issues of education, unemployment, health care reform, homelessness and crime aren’t enough to keep lawmakers busy.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks super-size sugary sodas are putting the “big” in residents of The Big Apple and has introduced a resolution to ban them from being sold in certain restaurants and entertainment venues. Ironically, it was Bloomberg who campaigned to get an amendment passed in 2008 to super size his term in office.

While the First Lady’s Healthy Food Initiative is positive in that it has reintroduced gardening as a hobby and as a low-cost source of healthy food, it has put the kibosh on super-size candy bars and served as the catalyst for federal regulations banning soda from being sold in schools during the lunch hour. A school in Utah was recently fined $15,000 for a violation.

Unfortunately, schools have to use a lot of processed food because of regulations, budget and liability issues. If government can pave the way for old school lunch ladies to truly cook again, more power to them.

Super-size government should super size the real priorities in this country, super quick.