Teachers get ‘sneak peek’ at new classroom tools

The Promethean ActivBus parked at Westfield Intermediate School. (Photo by Robert Herrington)

The Promethean ActivBus visited Westfield Washington Schools on June 20. ActivBus is part of the specialized training educators will receive from Promethean, a global education company that supports teaching and learning, through integrated technology and training, schools and universities to business and government.


“They did a great job. It was hands-on with things we do and didn’t do with their products,” explained Dave Mundy, executive director of learning systems at WWS. “Teachers really enjoyed it.”

Mundy said the ActivBus included products currently available by Promethean and a “sneak peak” at several interactive products still being worked on by the company. It also included Promethean’s thoughts on what the future classroom is going to look like.

School officials said the district utilizes a variety of Promethean products to enhance education including interactive white boards.

“Most teachers use them daily,” said Mundy. “It keeps students engaged.”

Promethean creates, develops, supplies and supports interactive learning technology and solutions that work together seamlessly to create an interactive and integrated environment. Promethean’s integrated environment is comprised of interactive whiteboards, learner response systems, software, training and professional development, resources and instructor communities, all proven to improve educational results.

“It keeps students engaged – enhances what’s going on in the classroom,” Mundy said.

Mundy said the Promethean ActivBus made just two additional stops in Indiana besides Westfield.

“We’re working very hard to effectively use technology to enhance lessons and experiences in the classroom,” he said.

The ActivBus is one of several training sessions offered by the school district for its staff.

“We’ve had several teachers in multiple times this summer for training,” Mundy said.