The 47 percent

Dear Editor,

Your opinion piece on Romney’s derision of the 47 percent was disappointing.  I thought you were off to a good start when you wrote you were glad his comments came to light, but then you lost me when you described your reason why.

Since Romney’s comments came out, multiple organizations have corrected the record on who constitutes the 47 percent.  The 47 percent don’t pay federal taxes because they’re poor, elderly, or in the military, not because they’re scamming the government.   That thinking also discounts the myriad fees, sales taxes and payroll taxes we all pay.  I’m sure you would not suggest people on Social Security should pay more in taxes.

The fact that Romney is not clear on why the 47 percent don’t pay federal taxes would make him unqualified to be Secretary of the Treasury.  His tax dodging schemes and disdain for the 47 percent should make him unqualified to be president.


Ara Wade