The beauty of an island

Today, people use their kitchen for more than just preparing meals. The kitchen is the social center of the home where kids, adults, family members and party guests tend to congregate, which is why for many homeowners, no kitchen is quite complete without an island in the center of the space. Islands have become popular focal points of the modern kitchen, and it’s easy to see why. They make cooking and entertaining so much easier. And since the biggest cooking event of the year is on its way later this month, here are a few kitchen island design ideas just in time for Thanksgiving.

Because they are centrally located, islands often become the focal point of the kitchen from a functionality standpoint. Islands make it easy to accommodate the activities and groups of people who are busy bustling around in the kitchen. And with the holidays approaching, it’s helpful to have space for the extra cooks who may be in the kitchen. Islands can function as extra countertop space, or they can be equipped with an extra sink to make an excellent cooking prep station. Some homeowners even choose to wire their stove onto a kitchen island, which frees up countertop space around other areas of the kitchen. Islands also function as easy-to-access storage space or as a place to display food and beverages during a party.

Certain kitchen island models become popular because they make it possible to do several activities at once. For example, there are island designs that feature multiple countertop levels. The lower level usually functions as a cooking workspace, while the higher level works as an elevated dining area. The multiple levels make it possible to cook a meal while entertaining guests at the same time. The key to the island’s popularity is versatility. With so many shapes and sizes to choose from, you can find a kitchen island that is specifically designed for the activities you do most.

Kitchen islands can also become the focal point of the room from a design standpoint. A stylish island design can really beautify your kitchen space. You can make your island stand out by painting it a bright or bold color. It’s a great way to make the island pop and to use fun colors that might be too intense to paint on the walls or cabinets. The countertop surface you choose for the island can also make a big design splash. I’ve seen islands with stone, wood and even stainless steel countertops. The countertop used on your island doesn’t necessarily have to match the surfaces found in the rest of your kitchen. In fact, the contrast will make your island stand out from the other kitchen countertops.

Whether you’d like to make your island the center of your kitchen for functional or design reasons (or maybe a combination of the two), these ideas will help you make the most of your kitchen island space. Enjoy these last few weeks before the start of the holiday season because things are probably going to start to get very busy in your kitchen!