Voter turnout good at WIS Mock Presidential Election

Maverick Tebbe confirms Jagger Saylor as a registered voter, while Ben Richardson casts his vote during Westfield Intermediate School’s Mock Presidential Election on Nov. 6. (Photo provided by Tenna Pershing)

By Tenna Pershing

Westfield Intermediate School had a 63 percent voter turnout for its Mock Presidential Election held on Nov. 6. In the mock election, Mitt Romney won with 68 percent of the vote and Barack Obama had 32 percent.

This is the fifth mock election fifth grade teacher Myrna Griffin-Molter has used to teach not only her students, but also the entire school about the election process.

Students had to register to vote a week prior to the election. On Election Day, they reported to one of six polling sites to vote. If students had not properly completed the registration or failed to register, they were not allowed to vote. If they were at the wrong polling site, they were directed to the correct site. Students wearing Barack Obama and Mitt Romney masks roamed the hallways escorted by “body guards.”

“It is a great way for students to be involved and learn firsthand the different aspects of voting and the election,” said Griffin-Molter.

Griffin-Molter started the mock election in 1996. The student vote has gone the way of the state, with the exception of the 2008 election when the student vote went to Obama.