War on Walley World

It is our position that the war waged on super giant retailer Walmart, by Zionsville preservationists may be a lingering battle.

Recently, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. filed revised plans to build a smaller, more attractive store along Michigan Road, north of 106th Street on the Hamilton-Boone county line. The Zionsville Plan Commission is set to consider the proposal at its Oct. 15 meeting. However, aspiring Walmart Greeters, don’t put on your bright red vests just yet.

The fight has been going on for six years now and has spawned two lawsuits, one by Walmart claiming that there is no valid reason a store should not be built in the area.

While Zionsville is not immune to mega retailers with a host already doing business in the area, Village preservationists and local retailers have been dragging their feet for good reason. Perhaps the aberration is Walmart’s reputation for being a “small town killer,” putting smaller retailers out of business by using bulk purchasing to offer low prices on its goods and services.

Regardless of which side wins the war, here’s hoping that the Village of Zionsville remains a peaceful respite from generic strip malls and the mega-store grind. Let originality reign.