Water conservation is not a water ban


I wish you had not encouraged neighbors to report on each other if they see anyone in violation of the watering ban after you provided a very incomplete description of the mandatory watering conservation ordinance. In Section 5. B. it states “that vegetable gardens, potted flowers, and newly installed landscaping (one year) may be watered every other day by container or hand-held hose equipped only with shut-off nozzle.” My neighbors may think they should report me because I have a vegetable garden and potted flowers I am watering every other day if they need to be watered.

While I understand that this a serious situation and we need to conserve water I think this is best accomplished by the first part of your article, i.e. encouraging everyone to “do your part.” I do not think it is a good idea to encourage citizens to report violators, especially when you did not accurately report the watering restrictions.

Thank you for a great paper which all of my family really enjoy reading.

Sue Jefferies