Westfield City Council Recap

Action: Home Rule Ordinance

What it means: Officials have initiated proceedings to consider the possible disposition of the city’s waterworks utility and wastewater. While there is an Indiana Code that provides for a process that a municipality must adhere to when undertaking the sale of non-surplus utility property, there is no code or state process for wastewater utility sales. The Home Rule Ordinance would allow Westfield to create a process to sell its wastewater property.

What’s next: A second reading and possible adoption will come at the June 25 meeting.


Action: Additional appropriations to the fire department general fund

What it means: WFD Fire Chief Todd Burtron has asked the City Council to use COIT dollars to replace funds not approved by the DLGF. The budget items were approved previously by the council before being submitted to the DLGF. “It’s not new money, it’s money we should have had in the first place,” Burtron said. The amount requested by the WFD totals $691,837. Burtron explained that five budget items were either decreased or not approved by the DLGF, including: attorney/consultant ($390,514), administrative consulting ($133,000), travel/training ($5,031), services ($161,792) and official bond ($1,500).

What’s next: A second reading and possible adoption will come at the June 25 meeting.


Action: Transfer of funds from Greenspace Beautification

What it means: The Westfield Parks & Recreation Dept. received two donations for Arbor Day plants. Ninety-three trees were planted on Arbor Day with 82 in Freedom Trail Park. The department is looking to transfer the $2,600 from the Greenspace Beautification Fund to the Greenspace Fund.

What’s next: Payment will be made for trees.


Action: Fireworks ordinance

What it means: Although it was not on the council agenda, members have asked Mayor Andy Cook to look into the city’s fireworks ordinance to determine when explosives can be set off and what power the police department has to enforce the ordinance – if one exists.

What’s next: Cook and his staff will look into ordinances currently on the books and present their findings at the June 25 meeting.