When life gives you lemons …

The outdoor space, ambitiously-designed and created prior to our involvement, suited the family well. However, there was just a little something missing. The exposed aggregate patio was generous enough to house the several kids and the fire feature was getting enough use. But the spaces didn’t feel connected and the mister of the house wanted to fuel his passion for grilling.

This clever grill station, situated in the heart of the Villages of West Clay, seemed to be the answer, particularly after we connected the fire feature space more directly to the patio and the grill station area via a brick landing. It tastefully envelops the oversized, authentic blue-stone grill counter, and creates the perfect place for bar-height stools. Suddenly, the exposed aggregate patio feels warm. Elegant.Inviting.


Retro-fits really are all about lemons. Sometimes the lemons need a little more squeezing and bling to become really sweet. This one was normal. The two outside stone columns that supported the cedar pergola offered a perfect anchor for the grill station; we were confident matching the stone and marrying the surfaces could be accomplished.

The surprise, and there are always a few, allowed us to “creatively” manage the columns, which were both out of square and not level. The fresh stone that didn’t quite match (different color run and a little fading on the original installation) offered another great “opportunity” to employ years of brilliance … meaning we borrowed a few ideas we witnessed elsewhere.


Lemons into lemonade … and who doesn’t like a wonderful glass of lemonade? Adam, our star operations manager, created smart trim details to absorb some of these fun surprises. The trusting homeowners played along, confident our intentions were in their best interest.

A few days after the completion of the project, Mr. Holland was thrilled with the updated space. The Weber grill performs stellar, like Webers do, and the stainless steel outdoor refrigerator was housed with all sorts of goodies! Kids and company had gathered more than once around the counter while fresh tuna steaks seared, asparagus roasted and hope for memories lived.

I love making lemonade!