When the honeymoon is over

I thought I’d heard it all. But I was wrong. Last week, Dutch entrepreneur Jim Halfens announced he is opening a new line of hotels. His hotels aren’t the type of place you want to visit twice. In fact, you might hope to never go there at all. Halfens’ hotels offer a unique service: the ability to arrive married and leave single.

At the Divorce Hotel, unhappy couples check in (separate accommodations of course) and relax in five-star quality suites while utilizing the services of an on-site divorce team to terminate their marriage. Guests can check in on Friday, have the divorce drawn up Saturday and leave Sunday with papers in hand. There are currently six boutique hotels throughout the Netherlands. Divorce packages cost between $3,500 and $10,000, depending on the complexity of the couple’s assets and whether or not there is a child custody issue.

Next up is to bring the Divorce Hotel concept to the U.S. With American divorces taking anywhere from months to years, Halfens believes his hotels offer a quick and positive way to end a union. While eager to provide a service, the hotel staff has no desire to mediate a messy divorce. Instead they focus on couples looking to make a clean, amicable split. No life change is all roses though, so the hotel also has psychologists available for those needing help in adjusting to the single life.

According to the New York Times, 16 of the 17 married couples that have checked into the hotel have successfully left with divorce papers. One guest even had a champagne toast with his ex-wife after it was all said and done. Can you guess what’s next? A reality show about the hotel and its guests. Ugh. Talks with two U.S. production companies are already taking place.