With spring flowers

With spring flowers come new … showers – at least when it concerns thoughts of renovating an older space to give the house a fresh or new feel. Many think the kitchen or the bathroom is the best place to begin, as those rooms typically see the most daily use and foot traffic, and therefore set the tone for the overall feel of the home.

I recently had the opportunity to attend the 2012 “Coverings” showcase event in Orlando, which brings thousands of vendors and manufacturers together to showcase their newest product lines and innovative ideas when it comes to tile, flooring and other unique surface options.

We are seeing larger square or rectangular tiles taking over the market in lieu of the smaller style that we here in Indiana have gotten accustomed to in the design sense. This more rectangular contemporary choice is giving way to tile and floor coverings that mimic the look and feel of real wood, which is ideal for those homeowners who love the look of a distressed floor that is more durable and water friendly in rooms such as the laundry room or bathroom. Matching adornments such as colorful glass mosaics and trim complete the sleek look and can instantly update your space.

If you still are one to lean toward a more traditional feel and are not ready to take the leap toward a modern decor scheme, the good news is that the digital printing process of making the faux stone tiles that we commonly see has come a long way, and one almost has to feel and touch the tile to see if it is in fact real stone. This makes for a cost-effective alternative and very impressive installation.

Whether it is modern and fashion forward you are seeking or just a small update to your current comfort style, it is always recommended that you gather some ideas and pictures of your vision and head to a professional, as they can save you money, time and of course provide direction to make the process as smooth as the new lines of tile themselves.