Shamrock Survey: What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?


What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

Victoria Pemberton

“I have to work at Handel’s.” – Victoria Pemberton, senior

Sam Coe

“I haven’t really planned anything, but I’m probably going to take my girlfriend to the movies and buy her favorite candy and flowers or something.” – Sam Coe, junior

Liz Loera

“Nick and I are going to see ‘Safe Haven’ and probably get some dinner after.” – Liz Loera, senior

Cassie Petty

“We’re going to the IMA and spending the evening downtown.” – Cassie Petty, senior

Evan Seitz

“I’m getting my girlfriend chocolates and flowers and taking her out to a nice dinner.” – Evan Seitz, sophomore


Photos and answers were taken by Current in Westfield intern Anna Skinner, a senior at Westfield High School.


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