Communication is child’s talk

Deep down, we are all just kids. You are just kids in adult bodies. If you watch small children, you’ll see clues about how to deal with other people in your life.

Simple explanations are a necessary requirement. The more simplistic you can explain things, the better the understanding. The more you can compare to things they already understand, the more quickly the concept is understood.

Think about that with other people you talk to. Everybody loves analogies. Everybody loves comparisons. Everybody likes to box things up and search their brain for something like it that they already understand. Every product, every service, every thing is better understood by kids and your customers if it is compared to something they already understand.

Kids need attention, and so do your customers. Kids will interrupt you and ask questions when you are in the middle of something else or talking to another person. They act like they are the most important people in the world. They are, and so are your customers. Give them attention. Show them patience. Thank and praise them.

The most important thing you can do for your kids is to just look when they ask you to and listen when they are talking. It’s how they know you care. And, the same holds true for your clients and customers.

David Cain works at Magnitude, a sales and marketing agency. Contact David at