Create your moment

“Creating moments” is the new buzz in the green industry as the satisfaction of outdoor living gains momentum. Inspired families are learning to spend more time laughing/ dining/talking around the delicious patio than tethered to the television.IO-Sorrell 09.10

These abbreviated moments are loosely defined and evoke all sorts of imagery of solitude and romance. Something most of us could use more of. Perhaps it’s a cache of heirloom perennials blasting color and fragrance on a forgotten path, or carved in the edge of an original travertine patio. It could be an iron bench overlooking a hedge of double knock out roses or tastefully placed under a maturing dogwood canopy.

Larger moments happen when spaces are arranged with an end product in mind…”I want all the kids to hang out at our place after the musical or football game around the boulder fire pit”. Or…“Our generous patio needs to flow well for the neighbors to gather around our grill counter, smoke cigars and drink a bottle of wine”.


Those are the conversations needed to create the spaces that make these sought after moments happen. Without that, the space may look great, but feel benign.

There are several relevant strategies to intentionally draw out the emotion of a gravel path, covered porch or patio space. Authentic materials and a forward design leads the cause, followed by coordinated color and texture. Quality furniture with dramatic cushions and a textured elegant rug can elevate any space and prompt a sterile concrete slab into a provocative living area. The pictured decomposed granite landing on the side of a historic carriage house is edged with Indiana limestone and protected with a historic iron fence and generous limestone columns. A moment is created.

What sort of moments do you hope for?