Dream season for players, students

By Emily O’Connor

The Westfield High School football team has exceeded all expectations for this season, astounding Westfield fans. This season has been one of the greatest in Westfield football history and included a conference title and a No. 1 ranking in Class 5A.

Quarterback Nick Ferrer attributes this season’s success to Coach Jake Gilbert’s system.

“Being in Gilbert’s third year and knowing his system has made things a lot better,” he said, adding credit also goes to his fellow teammates. “The senior leadership is good; there are a lot of guys who have been here for a long time.”

Offensive lineman Zane Burtron said last season’s record of 3-7 also fired up the team.

“Last year we lost a lot of close games; we won’t allow that to happen again,” he said.

Both of the players agree that the team’s success will continue into the following years.

“I think a lot of the extra practices will help continue the success for next year,” said Burtron. “We have a lot of great upcoming leaders that will fill our places.”

Members of the WHS student body have enjoyed the winning streak almost as much as the players.

“It’s been awesome,” said junior Josh Cruse. “Great atmosphere and great team.  They are turning the program around. We all believe!”

Mitch Galovic, a ROCKS Boy for Westfield shares his pride for the team as a leader of the student body.

“It’s meant a lot to be a leader at the school and it’s really fun to watch the team do so well,”  he said.

On Nov. 15, Westfield won its third regional title – the previous ones came in 1992 and 1993 when Westfield was in Class 2A.

“For the seniors, it’s a year of lasts, and this is the first time we’ve made it this far.  There’s a lot of Shamrock pride at our school.  It’s fun to be a part of a school that’s winning,” senior Olivia Fiol said.

“It’s been more fun, exciting, and uplifting since it’s our last year,” fellow senior Paige Berry said. “I’m glad I’ve experienced the winning streak of Westfield.”