ISTEP graders visit Maple Glen

Maple Glen Elementary School teachers dressed up in funny costumes as ISTEP+ graders on Feb. 27. The teachers used the outfits to remind students of what graders will be checking for in their writings. ISTEP+ testing began March 4 and runs through March 13. (Photos provided by Tenna Pershing).


ISTEP GradersFrom left: Maple Glen teachers Crissy Stephan, Jodi Brooks, Stacy Parker, Angela Alexander and Andrew Lewis dress as ISTEP+ graders.


Penelope Pre-Writing GraderPenelope Pre-Writing (Jodi Brooks) looks for evidence of students that are thinking before they write.


Prudence Prompt GraderPrudence Prompt (Angela Alexander) is looking for students that stick to the topic.


Prunella Purple GraderPrunella Purple (Stacy Parker) loves to witness students using magnificent, juicy, colorful words.


Big E GraderBig E (Crissy Stephan) is looking for a bold beginning, a meaningful middle, and an extraordinary ending.


Talullah Title GraderTalullah Title (Andrea Driver) looks for a title that is short, sweet and to the point.


Professor Punctuation GraderProfessor Punctuation (Andrew Lewis) is checking for writings with complete sentences, capitalization and punctuation.