Ivy Tech campus: Needs to happen

The Hamilton County Council has given its support to an agreement to bring Ivy Tech to Noblesville, something that benefits the whole of the county. All that’s left for the addition of the school to become reality is a May 8 referendum and grabbing some state funding. With a mini-campus already in Carmel, this would give Ivy Tech a broader footprint in our county and would be a job generator on multiple levels. We’re in favor of it happening, especially for reasons of affordable education with traditional four-year colleges often missing the mark. An Ivy Tech in Noblesville would be utilized by all communities and paid for by all communities. It’s good for all of us. Too, there could be myriad partnerships with local school districts, which would be a wonderful move. We’ll keep you apprised.

* * *

Westfield Washington Schools is hosting a unique event Wednesday, College and Career Readiness Night for parents with students in kindergarten through sixth grade. That’s not a typographical error. Yes, for tykes and pre-teens. The idea, and a good one, is to get parents to think way ahead and examine ways they can prepare their children with age-appropriate context. We like it. The school will provide onsite childcare as a way to assist parents that wish to attend the 6:30 p.m. session in the Westfield High School auditorium, and there are real benefits for parents, among them: what is new about applying to college and why it’s important now; the coming wave of “hot careers;” and how to afford a secondary education.

* * *

So, the U.S. Postal Service announces, in a move for fiscal responsibility, its intent to abandon Saturday delivery in August, and members of Congress already are putting up potential roadblocks. What else did you expect from The Hill?


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