Keep your curb appeal current


Establishing stunning curb appeal is always a relevant topic and is often established with a number of creative strategies. Our favorites include updated hardware on freshly painted doors, tasteful coach lamps, and oversized urns filled with bright annuals or evergreens for the winter, smothered in red berries.

This classic front entry didn’t start that way and needed another one of our preferred methods of creating curb appeal. The previous concrete surface was tired and not an accurate reflection of the rest of the very upscale Geist home. The retired homeowners were anxious for ways to dress up the front, increase the safety of the steps and provide a sense of place – or a feeling that you have arrived someplace special.

Irrelevant Short-Term Trends

Gratefully, the door threshold was 3 inches higher than the existing concrete. This difference opened up several creative alternatives. Those few inches, coupled with the integrity of the existing concrete, allowed the concrete to remain, saving $2,500 in removal and recycling charges. After considering clay pavers, travertine and limestone, our landscape architect and homeowners agreed that full color Pennsylvania bluestone (slate) in a random pattern was the best material. Installed on a bed of mortar with mortar joints, this stunning combination will persevere for decades and will be a relevant and stylish material that will confidently withstand irrelevant short-term trends.

We were thrilled with the hand-selected range of colors in the slate. The tans, browns and rusts pulled in subtle colors from the brick, while the vibrant blues and grays offered dramatic contrasts. Our 2nd phase (scheduled for spring 2014) will echo the same materials in a tucked away back yard patio where Jane and Brian can quietly escape to for appreciated private time.

Let your front entry make a grand statement!