Meet your teacher – Brittany Hart

Brittany Hart

Brittany Hart

Name: Brittany Hart

Grade/Subject at which school: Second grade, Oak Trace Elementary School

Number of years teaching: Five

Background/Schooling (college & high school): Carmel High School; B.S. Special Education and Elementary Education, Indiana University, Bloomington

Why did you become a teacher? I have been a teacher from the beginning of my life. I can remember playing school and “grading papers” with my little brother in our garage. As I grew older, I admired all of my teachers who had a true love for learning and teaching others. I try to model this love of learning and helping others every day.

What goals do you have for your students? I hope my students will continue to have the curiosity and love for learning that they have now into their adulthood. It is my hope that they never stop searching and wondering.

What do you encourage parents to do at home to help their children strengthen particular skills? Read. Read. Read. Out of all of my childhood memories, I will always remember that special time I had with my parents reading to me.

What is your favorite movie? “Overboard”

Who is your favorite musician or band? Coldplay

What’s something your students might not know about you? I was a competitive cheerleader and won two state titles.