The gentleman and his home

I am always impressed by the gentleman who walks through my studio door in search of a better living space.

This is not a man who crosses the threshold with great reluctance because of pressure from a wife or girlfriend. This is a man who is not coerced and he is not in search of the stereotypical “man cave”.

No, this gentleman walks in of his own accord and brings with him a strong identity and what he hopes to achieve in his home.

This man recognizes that his environment impacts how he feels about the space that he lives in day to day, works from, and entertains in. He wants his home pulled together to reflect who he is … not who an Ikea catalog says he should be.

The element of comfort is critical for a room that speaks to the male of the species. A chair or sofa has to be deep enough to comfortably accommodate the longer upper legs of men. Men are less likely than the women in their lives to curl up on a sofa so sitting upright in comfort is mandatory!

Leather is probably the main element for a masculine space. No longer is leather relegated to sofas, chairs and ottomans. Masculine decor can include something as striking as a leather wrapped chest that is embellished with nail heads for a stylish twist.

Rich wood is also a strong element for masculine space. It’s not too difficult to imagine a rich library feel complete with rich coffered wood walls or ceiling, bookcases from floor to ceiling and mahogany furnishings. I think a Labrador Retriever just sauntered into my imaginary room with a pair of slippers in his mouth!

When considering masculine décor, a nostalgic scent of pipe tobacco can almost be imagined and it is a style that wears well on its own, but works nicely with modern touches. Textiles reminiscent of a fine suit blend beautifully with rich paisleys and plaids.

Men will almost always gravitate toward deeper colors. Charcoal gray, slate blue, merlot and chocolate brown are a few of my “go-to’s”. Complicated colors that are the result of undertones are the richest and often are not the most appealing at the paint store.

Relevant artwork goes along way with male decorating. Works that reflect the occupant’s interest are outstanding choices. An avid sailor will revel in paintings of boats and shorelines while sports fans will appreciate a touch of memorabilia, such as framed jerseys or autographed photos. Globes and maps will speak to the adventure in a man while framed diplomas or certificates work as well.

And don’t forget about the Labrador Retriever!