Westfield City Council – Jan. 14, 2013

COM-Charticle Harmony PUDAction: Harmony Planned unit development ordinance

What it means: The property is approximately 277 acres of agriculture and vacant land on the west side of Ditch Road, between 146th and 156th streets. The Harmony planned unit development ordinance establishes two districts: a Single Family Residential District, which accommodates the project’s single-family dwellings; and a Mixed-Use District, which accommodates the project’s multi-family and commercial areas. The development allows for a maximum of 710 single-family detached dwellings, 270 multi-family dwellings and 170,000 square feet of commercial space.

What’s next: Approval is contingent upon Hamilton County’s approval of at least one right in/right out access to each of the areas on 146th Street.


Action: Andover planned unit development amendment

What it means: An amendment to the Andover planned unit development amendment will allow multi-family dwellings within Parcel G. The property is located on about 46 acres on the southeast corner of 186th Street and Shady Nook Road in the Andover PUD. Fifty units of single-family attached dwellings are currently constructed in Parcel G, with 230 units of multi-family units permitted.

What’s next: Council member Steve Hoover said the project was very different than originally presented and was not what the city was used to in multi-family developments. “It’s better than originally planned for the area,” he said, adding it better fits today’s current market. A timetable for construction was not announced at the meeting.


Action: Repayment of State of Infrastructure Bank Loan

What it means: The city commits to the repayment of the SIB Loan pursuant to the requirements of Indiana Code 4-10-19-8 with amortization to begin no later than one year from the date of the end of the construction of the project. The amortization schedule previously prepared by INDOT included a $4.3-million loan with a 2-percent annual interest rate. It will be paid over 10 years with two payments of $238.285.85 each year.

What’s next: The anticipated start date was November 2012, but the city said the initiation date of the project had not been determined.


ORDINANCE NOAction: Merrill area annexation

What it means: The city will annex 122 acres of vacant farmland located on the southwest corner of 186th Street and Kinsey Avenue (27.72 acres) and the area north of 191st Street and west of Tomlinson Road (93.9 acres). The annexation was 100-percent voluntary and has little to no impact for the city. The annexation is to further include the contiguous public highways and rights-of-way which are adjacent to the area.

What’s next: The ordinance is in full force and effect after its passage by the council.