Westfield City Council – March 11

Action: Tax abatement for personal property and real property for Weas Engineering

What it means: Weas Engineering is growing at a rapid pace and is looking to relocate along Ind. 32 in a 35,000-square-foot building costing $2.8 million. The water management programs for boiler, cooling, reverse osmosis and wastewater systems asked for tax abatements for the new building and equipment. Weas estimates $199,000 of new manufacturing equipment and $42,000 of new information technology equipment will be installed in the new building. It will also retain 25 individuals and add 20 jobs with an average salary of $45,000.

What’s next: The resolution was unanimously approved 7-0.


Action: Bond ordinance for State Infrastructure Bank

What it means: Westfield will issue a $4.264 million bond to be applied on the cost of building an underpass at 156tj Street and U.S. 31. The 10-year bond, issued through the state and INDOT, has a 2 percent interest rate. It will be paid on March 28 and Sept. 28 each year and funds can come from any legally available revenue to the city.

What’s next: Voting will take place on March 25.


Action: Amendment to The Bridgewater development

What it means: Throgmartin-Henke Development is asking for permission to allow a row of trees to remain as part of the landscape buffer between its development in Bridgewater and the west boundary of Brentwood Village subdivision. In addition to the existing trees, a nine-foot-tall masonry wall and additional evergreen trees will be planted. The buffer came as an agreement between the two boundaries.

What’s next: The amendment was unanimously approved 7-0.