Westfield Mayor’s Breakfast for Scouting

The eighth annual Westfield Mayor’s Breakfast for Scouting at the Bridgewater Club received $28,500 in pledged donations on March 13 to help offset the costs of programming, supplies and equipment and training workshops and camps. There are seven Cub Scout Packs, four Boy Scout Troops and two Venture Crews in Westfield and surrounding communities comprising 422 Cub Scouts, 176 Boy Scouts and 12 Venturers in 2012. Last year, more than 3,500 hours of community service were volunteered by these scouts. For more photos, visit the Current in Westfield’s Facebook page. (Photos by Robert Herrington)

 Boy Scouts

From left, front row: Luke Christina, Dylan Rinehart, Jerod Mershimer and Devin McCleary; back row, Brian La Paglia, Wyatt Wells, Brent Rawlins, Sam Greathouse, Alex Mueller and Reilly Hester.


Jason Rowley, Todd Burtron and Steve Fleming

 Cook & Holt

Westfield Mayor Andy Cook and former Hamilton County Commissioner Steve Holt

 Cook interviews Scouts

Westfield Mayor Andy Cook interviews Cub Scouts Jack La Paglia and Seth McConkey, right, about scouting.

 Cub Scouts1

Cub Scouts Jack Weber, left, and Luke Holleman get their breakfast.

Cub Scouts2

Cub Scouts Jack La Paglia, right, and Seth McConkey get their breakfast.


Hamilton County Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt, right, talks with Pat Spence.

 Mayor Cook

Mayor Andy Cook talks about scouting in Westfield.

 Pete Emigh

Westfield Mayor’s Breakfast for Scouting Chairman Pete Emigh welcomes the crowd to the Bridgewater Club on March 13.


From left: Westfield Police Cpt. John Lowes, Police Chief Joel Rush and City Council Member Bob Smith.


Eagle Scout Brian La Paglia salutes the American Flag during the Pledge of Allegiance.

 Sam Greathouse

Eagle Scout Sam Greathouse of Troop 107 explains what scouting means to him.

 Steve Holt

Former Hamilton County Commissioner Steve Holt tells the crowd why Scouting needs their support and how important the various county Boy Scout breakfasts are to raising funds.


From left: Karen Miller, Hamilton County Treasurer Jennifer Templeton, Syd Loomis, Doug Moyer and Jan Jamison.