Who needs the beach?

It is our position tha tthe Indianapolis area has attained another milestone by being recognized as a top family vacation destination. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines and make your hotel reservations because Indianapolis is serving up some Hoosier hospitality, spring break-style. While winter-weary Hoosier families scatter to the southern coasts for spring break, Indiana will be opening its doors to budget-conscious families in need of a quick, fun get-away. 

Livability.com recently named Indianapolis as one of its top 10 picks for the 2013 best spring break destinations for families. It focused on finding the best quick getaways to make the most of the short time spring break offers by analyzing Livability.com’s 500 city index for places that have temperate climates along with lots of attractions, parks, natural areas, affordable hotels and kid-friendly restaurants. Indianapolis was recognized for “cultural attractions, great restaurants and entertainment districts that create an exciting destination for families looking to fill their spring break with cosmopolitan activities.”

Yes, c-o-s-m-o-p-o-l-i-t-a-n activities. Indianapolis has come a long way from Indy-no-place thanks to the tireless work of the tourism and hospitality community, city leaders, planners and welcoming residents. This honor is an especially impressive feat for a land-locked, Midwestern city with no mountains or oceans.