Your views matter

It is our position that your views matter. Over the past several years, these pithy editorials have influenced public policy and community affairs by simply asserting a position. A busy intersection became less dangerous with the installation of a traffic light. Cursive handwriting remained in school curriculum. Perspective businesses were moved to more appropriate locations. Mass tragedies were mourned and misbehaving politicians were removed from their political pedestals. Accolades were given to generous organizations, philanthropists and individuals who made a difference in our community.

For better or worse, pop-culture, current trends and lifestyle choices got their turn in the spotlight. Hoosier heritage was at most times prideful and even pitiful on a few occasions. Venting and outrage occurred during some election years along with elation during others. Goodbyes and farewells were said as welcomes were also extended. Examples were made of good protests and bad protests. The views and opinions of the reader editorial board have been validated and even vindicated in the interest of free speech.

A community is doomed without dialogue. Don’t be afraid to take a position or voice your opinion. No matter what your view is, it will always matter. Current is your paper. It is your community. And, you matter.