Column: A landscape renaissance

This delicious photo speaks volumes about the growing passion fueling luxury outdoor living. Lush landscaping adds drama to the elegant, mortared limestone walls that knits multiple terraced blue stone patios, a lanais centric fireplace and mature pool into an incredible outdoor living space. What a huge responsibility.

“Sense of wonder”

Exposed aggregate walks were rescued by elevating their significance with blue stone inserts in an effort to “fuse” several surfaces together and to be earth friendly. Why not? It offered several thousands of dollars in efficiencies and looks fantastic. The path is a sense of wonder and prompts a curious stroll towards a secluded patio tucked off a master bedroom private entrance.

The formality of the Williams Creek home commanded double knock out roses with crisp boxwood hedges and thick borders of big blue liriope … so, that’s precisely what we designed and installed. Shady pockets allowed ornamental dogwood and redbud tree inserts to offer hints of interior bulk and spring inspiration. This created the appropriate separation between the lanais, fireplace, pool and grill station patios.

Tradition. Value. Plants

We believe that the traditional value of quality landscapes is experiencing a renaissance. No longer is our industry selfishly focused on building lazy “hardscapes,” but how we can elevate those spaces with green. Yes, there is a slight annoyance in my tone. Watch for our new “hardscapes” vernacular and offer your ideas. Please.

Plants are powerful. Plants create intrigue with loads of color, fragrance and texture. Plants offer privacy. If your homes drive-up appeal, patio or deck feels uninspired, perhaps intimately planned landscaping will change that and elevate your space to one that you can’t wait to get home to enjoy. Yes, plants soften spaces, and hearts too. What a huge responsibility.

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