Column: How to incorporate natural stone


It can take millions of years for certain stones to form in nature. Maybe it’s thanks to this extremely long construction process that natural stone has a classic, timeless look that continues to be popular in home design decade after decade. And because of this enduring popularity, you can rest assured that installing natural stone will increase the value of your home. Let’s investigate some creative ways to implement natural stone into your home décor.

As a building material, stone is inherently durable, long lasting and environmentally friendly, which is why it is ideal for high traffic areas or objects that need to endure temperatures, or contact with water. Because of their chemical properties, some stone options are far more durable than others. Limestone and marble are much more susceptible to damage than slate, granite or soapstone. You’ll need to be sure to properly seal and maintain the stone to ensure that is stays looking as beautiful as the day it was installed.

The most obvious and popular place to use natural stone is for countertops. Because many types of natural stone are heat resistant and scratch proof, it’s easy to see why this has become a popular choice for kitchen countertops. However, you could also choose to install stone countertops in the bathroom or bar area.

Natural also requires very little maintenance, which is why it is the perfect type of flooring for high traffic areas. Stone flooring is easy to clean and won’t be worn down by heavy amounts of foot traffic. Consider installing stone flooring to add an elegant touch to entryways, bathrooms or kitchen floors.

Another great way to implement stone in your home is on wall backsplashes. Stone backsplashes can add color and texture to your kitchen or bathroom. With all of the many styles and colors to choose from, there’s something to match every home décor style. And backsplashes are a more cost effective way to incorporate stone into home décor since they require less material than countertops or flooring.

For homeowners looking for smaller scale home improvement projects, natural stone can also be implemented into home accent pieces. Visualize gathering around a solid stone fireplace during the chilly winter months. Or enjoy relaxing in a bathtub with a natural stone frame. Natural stone can even be used as a top surface for a wooden table or office desk. The possibilities are endless.

When properly cared for, natural stone can last for decades. So take comfort in the fact that anything you invest in will be a long lasting addition to your home.