Hats thrown into local races

Noon Feb. 7 was the filing deadline for the primary candidates. Races that will affect Westfield voters include:

U.S. Representative – District 5

Susan Brooks (R)

Allen Davidson (D)

Shawn Denney (D)

David Ford (D)

David Stockdale (R)


State Representative – District 24

Steve Braun (R)


State Representative – District 32

Bob Ashley (D)

Parvin Gillim (R)

P. Eric Turner (R)


Circuit Court Judge

Paul Felix (R)


Judge Superior Court 3

William Hughes (R)

Brian Poindexter (R)


Judge Superior Court 4

J. Richard Campbell (R)


Judge Superior Court 5

Wayne Sturtevant (R)


Prosecuting Attorney

D. Lee Buckingham III (R)


Hamilton County Clerk

Tammy (Clark) Baitz (R)

Rhonda Gary (R)


Hamilton County Recorder

Ray Ade (R)

Jennifer Hayden (R)


Hamilton County Sheriff

Mark Bowen (R)


Hamilton County Coroner

John R. Chalfin (R)

Roger Conn (R)


Hamilton County Assessor

Robin Ward (R)


Hamilton County Commissioner – District 1

Christine Altman (R)


Hamilton County Council – District 1

Andrew Dollard (R)

Fred Glynn (R)


Hamilton County Council – District 2

Amy Massillamany (R)


Hamilton County Council – District 3

Steve Schwartz (R)


Hamilton County Council – District 4

Paul Ayers (R)


Washington Township Trustee

Danielle Carey Tolan (R)

Jennifer Smith (R)


Washington Township Board

David Gill (R)

Jim Peyton (R)

Gary Southerland (R)

Carl Steele (R)